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Suzhou Kelsen Air Filtration System Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Kelsen Air Filtration System Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Kelsen Air Filtration System Co., Ltd.

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24-hour service hotline


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Kelsen has its own factory, complete production line and complete production equipment. Automated production equipment such as laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, CNC punching machine and automatic seam welding machine. Detection equipment such as particle counters, illuminometers, vibrometers, noise meters, anemometers, etc.

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The company has a team of highly skilled R&D design engineers who can provide you with non-standard customized services. The special person is responsible for the research and development of A-level laminar flow hood, OEB3 weighing hood and biological sealing valve. The company regularly provides offline training courses for all employees to improve their work and life.

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The company has experienced after-sales service personnel, promised to respond to customer response product problems within one hour, the fastest 24 hours (48 hours in remote areas) rushed to the scene to deal with the problem. After-sales hotline 7*24 online, promptly respond to customer problems and solve problems.



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Suzhou Kelsen Air Filtration System Co., Ltd.

Established in 2006, Suzhou Kelsen Air Filtration System Co., Ltd. focuses on the design, development and manufacture of various types of air purification equipment for more than ten years. Main A-level laminar flow system, aseptic isolation system, bio-safety control system, etc. The main products include high-efficiency air supply port, dynamic/static transfer window, A-level laminar flow cover, OEB3 weighing cover, bag in bag out filter box ( BIBO), air shower, cargo shower, air filter unit, vacuum/sterilized isolator, laminar transfer vehicle, zero leak valve, bio-closed valve, airtight valve, etc.


  • What are the criteria for judging the qualification of the air shower?

    The air shower series is a versatile partial purification device installed between the clean room and the non-clean room. In the process of purification, what kind of air shower is considered qualified?

  • Air shower room has a wide range of applications

    With the increasing degree of specialization of the air shower room industry, the process of the air shower room has become more and more stressful.

  • Brief description of the blowing process and control system of the air shower

    The air shower is one of the best purification equipment for the non-clean room and clean room buffer channel. It uses high-speed airflow to blow off and remove dust particles attached to the human body or the surface of the material.

  • Does the air shower have requirements for the production process?

    The air shower room cleaning environment is suitable for the production process, and the clean room design meets the environmental requirements of the production process, which is a matter of course. Therefore, in the design of the clean room, the environmental parameters of the production process should be realistic, and the area, height, temperature, humidity, cleanliness, etc. should be high and high, low, low and better.

  • Several factors affecting the air quality of air shower

    The operator in the clean room should operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures of the clean room. The doors and windows of the clean room should be closed at any time. Personnel and items between the clean room and the non-clean room should have a buffer zone and should have wind bath equipment to prevent convection from entering the clean room.

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