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Air outlet product classification

Release time:2019-08-13


  There are two series of I and II air supply ports. Series I is in the form of a replaceable filter, and Series II is in the form of a disposable air outlet, all of which are blown down.

  Air supply port series I: This air outlet is composed of filter, high-quality steel plate, aluminum alloy diffuser plate, etc. It is easy to install, reliable in sealing and easy to replace the filter. The connection method can be either up or side.

  Air supply port series II: divided into ultra-thin and thin. It is a primary air outlet, which is easy to replace (only need to remove the hose clamp of the soft joint between the air supply duct and the tuyere). This series is especially suitable for purifying air conditioning systems with limited ceiling space. Main advantages: The structure of the box is simple and reliable, the ventilation is strong, the air supply is uniform, the installation is convenient, and the maintenance is simple.

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