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What are the characteristics of the air outlet?

Release time:2019-08-13


  The air supply port is an ideal terminal filter device for the purification of air conditioners of the thousand, 10,000 and 100,000 levels. It can be used in the purification of air conditioning systems in the pharmaceutical, sanitary, electronics and chemical industries. The air supply port is used as a terminal filter device for retrofitting and newly-built clean rooms of 1000-300000 class, and is a key device to meet the purification requirements. The air supply port comprises a static pressure box, a diffuser plate, a filter, and the interface with the air duct may be a top or a side connection.

  Air outlet function:

  1. Clean rooms with various cleanliness levels and various maintenance structures.

  2. Tuyere material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum plate and plastic;

  3. Roof air supply for non-uniform clean rooms,

  4. The form of the diffuser plate is various, beautiful, flat and uniform in style;

  Air outlet characteristics:

  1. The air inlet mode has side air inlet and top air inlet, and the flange mouth has two structures of square and round.

  2. It has the advantages of strong versatility, simple construction and low investment;

  3. Ensure the jet velocity of the airflow to prevent the generation of eddy currents;

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