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The correct use of air shower

Release time:2019-08-13


  As a kind of blowing equipment from the non-clean area to the clean area, the air shower room blows away the dust and bacteria on the person's body, which is to prevent the dust from entering the clean room and the cleanliness effect on the workshop. Then, what is the correct operation and maintenance of the air shower room? The following small series introduces you one by one:

  a. When entering the air shower, the air blower must be completely stopped before the inner door can be opened to enter the workshop. Otherwise, forcibly pushing the door will damage the interlock device.

  b. When the wind shower door cannot be opened, ask the employee to stop and turn off the emergency. After disconnecting the power supply, both sides of the door can be opened. (The doors on both sides open when leaving work will not affect the cleanliness of the workshop, because the workshop maintains a certain positive pressure)

  c. At present, the air shower used by customers is redesigned and uses the sound-controlled light-sensing automatic air shower room. The operation keys are touch-type, easy to use and easy to operate.

  d. If there is no bypass passage between the purification workshop and the locker room, when the worker gets off work, the worker who comes out first can close the air-cooling emergency stop switch, so that the air shower room stops working, and the off-duty personnel pass the air shower. Extend the service life of the air shower, when you use it, you can turn on the emergency stop switch and return to the normal state. Just touch the light and touch it gently. Do not use excessive force to avoid obstruction.

  e. When going out of the air shower, please use the air shower handle (or push the door frame), and do not push the door glass by hand to prevent accidents.

  f. The airflow chamber strictly controls the entry and exit of the production items. Because the items are opened and exited, the air shower door should be opened more than 90 degrees. This often damages the function of the door closer and causes the air shower interlock to be inflexible or damaged.

  According to the correct use and correct operation, the life and performance of the air shower are greatly improved.

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