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Several factors affecting the air quality of air shower

  Several factors affecting the air quality of the air shower:

  1. The operator in the clean room should operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures of the clean room. The doors and windows of the clean room should be closed at any time. Personnel and items between the clean room and the non-clean room should have a buffer zone and should have wind bath equipment to prevent convection from entering the clean room.

  2. The number of air exchanges in the clean room and the air supply volume of the air conditioning purification system are the main internal factors for maintaining the positive pressure and cleanliness of the clean room, but are limited by the ultimate resistance of the filter in the purification system.

  3. Equipment in the clean room requires regular, regular and fixed cleaning and maintenance. Whether the materials and cleaning fluids used in cleaning meet the requirements of clean room management.

  4. For the user, the cleanliness of the clean room is the focus of their attention. The big source of pollution in a clean room is the people and objects that enter the clean room. Dust generated during production can also affect indoor cleanliness for another reason.

  5. Reasonable diversion of people flow and logistics is of great significance in keeping the room clean. Regardless of whether people wear dressing before entering the clean room, whether they meet the standards of cleaning management regulations, some people have special production requirements for cleanliness, need to take a bath before entering; whether the package is replaced before entering the clean room, The replacement materials meet the clean room standards and so on.

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