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Does the air shower have requirements for the production process?

  Does the air shower have requirements for the production process?

  1. The air shower room cleaning environment is suitable for the production process, and the clean room design meets the environmental requirements of the production process, which is a matter of course. Therefore, in the design of the clean room, the environmental parameters of the production process should be realistic, and the area, height, temperature, humidity, cleanliness, etc. should be high and high, low, low and better. Under the premise of not affecting the normal operation of the production process, the parameter requirements should be reduced as much as possible, the purification area should be controlled, and the range of clean areas with high purification level should be reduced. The one-way flow cleaning area of level 100 and higher should be strictly controlled.

  2. When planning the production process, divide the clean room of the same level as much as possible, and set the process of high cleanliness on the windward side to process the process equipment that produces dust, toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive gases. The container should be placed outside the clean area as much as possible. If it is required to be placed in a clean area, sealing measures should be taken as much as possible to reduce dust and exhaust emissions.

  1. The instrument uses the instrument described in B.7 (Airflow Visual Inspection).

  2. Test report According to the agreement between the user and the supplier, the following information and data shall be recorded as described in Article 5 of this document:

  1 name of the instrument operator; b) name of the test instrument and its calibration status:

  2 test type, visual inspection method and test condition; m position of visual inspection point; e) image recorded on photo or video tape according to regulations, or original data of each measurement (in the case of image processing technology or speed distribution measurement) ;n Occupied state.

  3.9 Temperature test B.9.1 Principle The purpose of this test is to demonstrate the ability of the facility's air conditioning system to maintain the air temperature within the control limits within the area to be measured, within the time agreed by the user and the supplier. Introduced two levels of testing methods. One is the general test in B, 9.2.1, which determines the procedure for preliminary testing of airborne facilities. The second is the comprehensive test in B.9.2:2, which is suitable for static or dynamic testing. The second test is suitable for areas where the temperature performance requirements are relatively exact.

  3. Visual inspection of the airflow with the tracer;

  1 Visual inspection of the gas stream with a tracer injection;

  2 3D measurement of airflow speed.

  Determine the measurement points within the facility. The number and location of measurement points should be agreed upon by the user and the supplier.

  The position of the test point or plane is set in the critical work plane. Purification Engineering If you want to assess the uniformity of the airflow direction, you should select multiple test points. The measurement plane and the checker cell should be selected in the same procedure as given.

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