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Brief description of the blowing process and control system of the air shower

  The air shower is one of the best purification equipment for the non-clean room and clean room buffer channel. It uses high-speed airflow to blow off and remove dust particles attached to the human body or the surface of the material. Eliminate the staff to bring hair, dust, bacteria into the workshop, to meet the strict dust-free purification standards of the workplace, and produce high-quality products. After entering the air shower, the ambient air passes through the primary filter, and is pressed into the static pressure box by a special centrifugal fan. After filtering through the high-efficiency filter, a high-speed clean air is blown from the air outlet surface, and the clean air flow is rotated by the high-speed wind speed. The nozzle is sprayed onto the person/cargo to effectively and quickly remove the dust particles attached to the clothing/cargo.

  Air showering process

  Before entering the air shower, the air shower chamber automatically senses the entry of the human body or cargo, opens the door, locks the inner door, automatically reacts to the blow, and the blow is completed, the system automatically returns to the initial state, waiting for the next use. In the system standby state, if the system detects that there is human body or cargo in the air shower room, the air shower room starts to air, but after 10 seconds after the standby state, the system returns to the initial state, if someone is in the air shower, but not in the system. In the area, the system has no response.

  Air shower control system

  The air shower room can be used in two ways: automatic induction switch door mode and manual switch door mode. When a person enters the air shower room, the air shower chamber uses the liquid crystal to dynamically display the entire process of air showering. The DC output and relay output of the parameters such as setting the air shower time and the opening of the door can effectively control the switch of the air shower. The door time and the wind speed of the fan are turned on; the switch and the air shower time can be controlled from the outside. The air shower room has different control systems, and its performance characteristics will be different. The air shower room intelligent line voice control system can provide intelligent voice prompts. When entering the shower, it can be blown according to the prompt function in the intelligent voice. The person who enters the first time can be completely blown off quickly, and the blowing time can be adjusted at will. The intelligent line voice control system has the advantages of beautiful appearance, long service life and easy cleaning.

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