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Air shower room has a wide range of applications

  With the increasing degree of specialization of the air shower room industry, the process of the air shower room has become more and more stressful. From the original manual blowing to the current automatic blowing, the wind speed is increased from 18m/s to 26m/s, which improves the performance of the air shower. The air shower is the necessary passage for people to enter the clean room. It can reduce the pollution problem caused by people entering and leaving the clean room, reduce the large amount of dust particles caused by the ingress and egress of people, and install a fully functional air lock chamber from the entrance of the clean room to reduce the amount of air pollution particles. When people pass through the air shower, the contaminated particles are shot by highly clean air that is highly filtered. The high wind speed above 25 m/s ensures that the effective spray and drift particles are initially filtered out of the primary and high efficiency two-stage filter.

  Nowadays, the air shower room is gradually involved in pharmaceutical products, medical and health, biochemistry, health food, machinery and electronics, electronic food purification equipment factory and other production and scientific research departments to provide various purification levels, various purification areas, various types of purification air conditioners. Factory building.

  In the field of high-end precision product production and manufacturing, some products are needed to assist, so that the entire production conditions are met. Here, we can't ignore the air shower room. Without the use of this product, we can't meet the dust-free demand. Therefore, in any case, attention should be paid to the use of this product.

  Moreover, the scope of application of this product has become very extensive. For example, for many watch manufacturers, it is necessary to use this product, including the manufacture of our great manned space rockets. It can be said that this kind of product can be seen in many places, and it is really good for everyone's help.

  Because of its wide range of applications, the air shower room has been continuously recognized and familiar to many people. If the production you are working on needs to be dust-free, then you can consider choosing this product. I believe it will bring you a comfortable production environment and ensure the entire production line will be smoother.

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