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What are the criteria for judging the qualification of the air shower?

  The air shower series is a versatile partial purification device installed between the clean room and the non-clean room. In the process of purification, what kind of air shower is considered qualified?

  1, the air shower room blowing time. According to the research results of European and American experts, the shower time of the air shower should not be less than 30 s, especially small particle dust. At present, the air shower in the market can freely set the blowing time, and usually the maximum blowing time can be set to 99 s.

  2, air shower room wind speed. According to the research results of European and American experts, when the wind speed is above 20 ms, the dust removal efficiency almost reaches the maximum value. With the increase of the wind speed, the dust removal efficiency changes little. For dust of different particle sizes, at the same wind speed, the larger the particle size, the better the dust removal effect.

  3, the air shower room blowing angle. When the high-speed airflow blows over the surface of the object, the dust on the surface is taken away directly. If the adhesion of dust on the surface of the object is strong, or if it adheres to the gap of the fabric, the dust removal effect when the high-speed airflow is directly blown on the surface of the object is small, especially for the dust that is drilled in the gap of the fabric. Therefore, only when the airflow is blowing, causing the cloth to vibrate constantly, the dust in the gap can be removed. Just like washing clothes in general, you must wash your clothes with your hands.

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