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    KuRa Sterile isolator

    KuRa Sterile isolatoris a vertical one-way flow air purification equipment which provides local Class A environment and human-machine separation. It provides effective safety protection for the delivery, filtration, drying, crushing, weighing and other assembly processes of sensitized APIs, and provides reliable guarantee for the safety and health of operators.
    KuRa Sterile isolator

    KuRa Sterile isolator

    While ensuring that the clean space is not affected by material transfer and personnel operation, the problem of unsustainable 100-grade cleanliness in traditional sterile rooms is solved. Widely used in pharmaceutical industry, in the context of low-level clean environment, to create a class A fully sealed clean environment.

    Product advantage

    Equipped with differential pressure meter, with PLC control, touch screen operation, real-time pressure of isolator can be monitored online to ensure the normal operation of material transfer and personnel operation.

    The average wind speed in the clean area can be maintained at 0.36-0.54 m/s by using frequency converter to control fan frequency, cooperating with wind speed sensor, on-line monitoring and automatically adjusting wind speed.

    Vertical unidirectional flow, air flow from top to bottom, ensure the uniformity of air flow, reduce the possibility of pollution.

    Positive pressure and negative pressure can be adjusted: according to specific operation requirements, the pressure in the cavity can be manually adjusted; positive pressure-aseptic operation ensures that the product is not polluted and the product is protected from net outgassing; negative pressure-toxicity/pathogen operation ensures that the toxic gas does not flow out of the cavity, protects the safety of operators, and protects the operator from net outgassing.

    Humanized detail design, toughened glass with sealing strip, to ensure the sealing of the operating environment, prevent the leakage of toxic gases; internal dust-proof socket, convenient for electronic weighing equipment power; North gloves, to ensure the safety of operators; cleaning water gun, easy to clean the cavity. Universal wheel can be moved quickly according to demand, saving cost.

    technical parameter

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