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    Filter box

    KuCo Air Filter Unit is used to remove particulates, suspended microorganisms and harmful gases to protect workers in hazardous environments, such as toxic or radioactive environments.
    Filter box
    Filter Box (Air Filter Unit) - KuCo Series

    The KuCo air filter unit is installed at the end of the exhaust system, which can effectively remove harmful gases and infectious viruses from production or biological operation. This unit can be installed in the front and back sections of fresh air treatment unit to ensure that the original air conditioning equipment resources are fully utilized, and at the same time, purification and transformation are carried out to reduce engineering costs.

    Product advantage

    Installed in the front and back sections of fresh air treatment units, the original air conditioning equipment resources can be fully utilized.

    It can provide various gas purification and filtration treatment for centralized air supply and exhaust section.

    Various forms of filtration: fiber filtration, physical adsorption, chemical decomposition, etc.

    Diversified filter function section: dewatering and deoiling section, initial filter section, intermediate filter section, high efficiency filter section, activated carbon adsorption section, chemical reaction section and other functional sections.

    Multiple filtering

    The dewatering and deoiling section is used to filter water and oil in air.

    The middle efficiency filter section is mainly used to filter dust whose particle size is larger than 1um. The filter efficiency is graded from G3-F9 (EN779).

    The high efficiency filter section is used to filter small suspended particles with particle size less than 1um. The filtration efficiency can reach U16 (EN1822). After this section of filtration, the outlet gas can reach a clean grade of over 100.

    Activated carbon adsorption section is used to filter harmful macromolecule gases, such as formaldehyde and VOC. Activated carbon can effectively remove such components from mixed gases, and the filtration efficiency can reach 98%.

    Chemical reaction section is used to filter acidic or alkaline gases, such as chlorine, ammonia, etc. The filter section impregnated with different chemicals can remove this kind of gas, and the filtration efficiency can reach 95%.

                          Initial filter fibers           Initial filter fibers     Activated Carbon Particles   Chemical Drug Granules

    Provide a variety of sealing methods

    In addition to the mechanical seal of the sealing gasket, the KuCo air filter unit also provides the liquid tank seal. The liquid tank seal can completely eliminate the gas leakage between the filter and the frame, and the cleanliness of the outlet can reach more than ten grades with the ultra-high efficiency filter.

    Optional installation of filter

    In order to reduce the length of the box, superimposed installation can be adopted.

    In order to increase the filter area and reduce the pressure loss of the filter section, V-type installation can be adopted.

    In order to protect the safety of maintenance personnel and avoid harmful substances such as viruses caught by filters to damage filter replacement personnel, bag-in-bag type installation and replacement can be adopted.

                                            Superimposed  installation     V-type installation       bag in-out installation

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