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    KuTa Transport Carts

    KuTa Transport Carts provides a self-circulating clean micro-environment. It is a special supporting equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. It realizes the transfer of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in a sterile environment.
    KuTa Transport Carts
    KuTa Transport Carts-KuTa Series

    Using modular design concept and perfect manufacturing process, seamless full welding within the framework ensures that the working area is completely sealed and the transshipment is clean.
    For each product, SAT on-site testing includes: high efficiency filter integrity testing, dust particle counting (air cleanliness testing), subsidence and homogeneity testing, pollution area testing, noise testing, illumination testing, electrical safety testing.
    Provide DQ/IQ/OQ full set of validation programs, and assist owners to implement.

    Product advantages:

    304 stainless steel frame, surface wire drawing treatment, smooth and beautiful welding.

    The workspace can meet the requirement of GMP A level and reach ISO Class 5.

    Touch screen control system, LCD display, strong controllability, easy to operate.

    Automatic alarm system, real-time monitoring of electricity.

    Digital differential pressure meter, real-time monitoring of the pressure at both ends of the filter.

    Controlled storage battery, realizes 4 to 6 hours uninterrupted operation.

    Optional isolation gloves for isolation operation.

    The automatic pushing servo system can be selected to improve operation efficiency and reduce operation intensity. Multi-module combination, complete the integrated functional requirements of automatic input and output, transfer, temporary storage and isolation operation.

    It can realize automation and reduce human intervention according to the height of freeze-drying and sterilization process outlets and structural design docking mode.

    Easy to clean transshipment pallet, safe glass door, convenient material in and out.

    The built-in automatic contraction charging power cord is beautiful and easy to clean.

    Specification parameter

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