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    KuDo efficient air supply outlet has the advantages of less investment, reliable sealing, strong versatility and convenient installation and maintenance. It is used in semiconductor, hospital, liquid crystal panel, biopharmaceutical and other industrial fields.
    High Efficiency Air Supply Nozzle-KuDo Series

    KuDo high efficiency air supply outlet is mainly composed of static pressure box, high efficiency filter, diversion plate, etc. Gasket seal or liquid tank seal can be selected. It is an ideal terminal high-efficiency filter device for clean rooms at all levels.

    High Efficiency Air Supply Nozzle-KuDo Series

    Product advantages:

    Equipped with test interface

    We provide PAO test interface to meet PAO aerosol uniformity requirements. Customers can also choose PAO dust channel according to their needs. Pressure differential test port (for filter leakage test, etc.) can be provided.

    Air volume adjustable

    Provide a variety of air volume control valve body selection, including ordinary endless up-regulation valve or internal seal down-regulation valve, worm wheel and worm control valve, external flange control down-regulation valve, etc., to meet the requirements of different adjustment positions.

    Divergent plate has various forms

    Provide a variety of options for the outflow panel, to achieve lower human body contact wind speed and farther airflow range, the surface is easy to clean. It can provide the installation form of diffuser which is flat with the roof of the room.

    Unique box structure to ensure zero leakage

    The box body is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate (electrostatic spraying) or stainless steel welded. The leak-proof structure is designed and all welds are specially treated to ensure the sealing of the box body.

    The cabinet has compact structure and light weight. It can be directly suspended and mounted on the ceiling keel. It can be directly connected with the air duct. The air duct interface can be round or rectangular, and the top or side connection can be selected.

    The form of diversion plate is optional

    Full welding of high efficiency air supply outlet, good quality

    Beautiful Welding Seam of High Efficiency Air Supply Nozzle Interface

    Specification parameter:


    Note: When ordered air outlet with insulation layer, the opening size should be increased accordingly.

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