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    KuWe Downflow Booth

    KuWe Downflow Booth provides self-circulating negative pressure clean micro-environment. It is applied in biopharmaceutical industry. This system can prevent cross-contamination during the weighing or sampling of pharmaceutical raw materials and protect the safety of operators.
    KuWe Downflow Booth
    KuWe Downflow Booth
    KuWe Downflow Booth provides high cleanliness working environment and negative pressure operation area without leakage. Effective removal of harmful dust or infectious viruses from production or biological processes.

    KuWe Downflow Booth cover can provide explosion-proof and anti-corrosion models, and can be applied to a variety of complex working conditions. The unit adopts modular design to facilitate installation and transportation.

    Product advantages:
    Intelligent information processing, automatic operation, automatic weighing, label printing, data storage, and can not be modified after storage, reduce human error, ensure the accuracy of data. It is more in line with the requirements of FDA/CGMP/GMP regulations.
    Accurate temperature control, temperature rise less than 0.2 C.
    Bipolar negative pressure seal is used to ensure zero leakage of high efficiency filter frame.
    Provide a variety of control methods. Touch screen real-time monitoring of air flow and wind speed, can manually adjust the wind speed, but also through the anemometer data feedback PLC automatically adjust the fan speed, to maintain the best operating state. It can integrate MES, WMS, DCS and other interfaces.
    Modular design, convenient transportation, installation in the customer site.
    It can provide explosion-proof and anticorrosive models to deal with a variety of complex working conditions.
    The 5D space operation panel can be provided to meet the OEB3 protection level.

                 回风板                                                 防爆插座

                 Explosion-proof weighing cover                      Anticorrosive weighing cover

    Filter section:
    KuWe weighing hood can provide a variety of filter functional sections, including initial filter section, intermediate filter section, high efficiency filter section, activated carbon adsorption section, chemical reaction section, etc.
    The high efficiency filter section is used to filter small suspended particles with particle size less than 1 micron in the air, and the filtration efficiency can reach U16 (EN1822). After this section of filtration, the cleanliness of the outlet can reach more than 100 grades. The liquid tank seal can completely eliminate the gas leakage between the filter and the frame, and the cleanliness of the outlet can be up to grade 10 with the ultra-high efficiency filter. Gasket sealing filters can also be configured according to customer requirements.
    For high toxicity applications, in order to protect the safety of maintenance personnel, the replacement method of bag in and out can be adopted.

    Test verification:
    Perfect test verification, each product provides test reports and documents.
    Field testing includes: high efficiency filter integrity testing, dust particle counting (air cleanliness testing), subsidence and uniformity testing, exhaust flow velocity and flow testing, pollution area inspection, noise testing, illumination testing, electrical safety testing.
    Provide DQ/IQ/OQ full set of validation programs, and assist owners to test and implement.

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