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    KuVa Laminar Airflow Cabinet

    KuVa Laminar Airflow Cabinetis a modular local purification unit surrounded by anti-static drapes or transparent PC panels. Its frame structure is industrial grade 304 stainless steel with fan and filter inside.
    KuVa Laminar Airflow Cabinet
    KuVa Laminar Airflow Cabinet

    When KuVa laminar hood works, it inhales air from the top duct or side air return orifice plate, filters air into the working area by laminar flow, and keeps the air under the laminar hood at a positive pressure to prevent dust particles from entering the working area.

    Product advantage
    High quality anti-static curtain, high transparency, good flexibility, not easy to deform and aging.
    Main control modes: panel control, touch screen control, remote computer control.
    Installation mode, size and material are optional, and can be customized according to customer requirements to meet the requirements of local purification level.
    The frame is made of 304 stainless steel. The surface is wiredrawing and matte treatment. It is smooth, rust-proof and scratch-resistant.
    Touch screen can display real-time airflow and wind speed, which can effectively monitor the operation of equipment.
    Modular design, disassembly, packaging and transportation, and installation in the user site.
    Standard pointer differential pressure meter, optional wind speed sensor, differential pressure sensor.
    High-efficiency filters can choose liquid tank or dry seal.
    The standard replacement mode of the filter is to replace it next, and the optional side is to replace it to meet the special needs.

    Installation and Matching

    The basic form is hoisting in the clean room, and can also be installed on the square pipe skeleton of filling machine and other equipment.
    Main return air forms: side plate self-return air, top self-return air, top air duct return air.
    It can be used in conjunction with filling equipment, and the laminar flow hood layout is designed according to the position of square pipe on the top of the equipment, so as to facilitate the later replacement of high efficiency filters and electrical maintenance.

    Specification parameter


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